Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Tropical Flower Tutorial

by: Ari farber

the type of clay i used is fimo soft.

you take a bullseye blended cane.

and you cut it in helf, lenght ways.

you put it on a flat surface and you flatten it on 1 side,
through its entire length.

you keep doing it untill yougrt this result

you pick up the clay and start rolling it on itself.

then you put it back on the table and start pushing the edges together to close it.

this shoud be your result.

next page: http://fimocrazy.blogspot.com/2006/01/tropical-flawer-stage-2.html


Anonymous said...


What a wonderful tutorial!
So glad you drew me to it.

Let's see more soon! Thx unltd

sculpey beader said...

occasionaly you turn on your computer and don't expect to see beauty like that from piece of clay.

this tropicalflower totorial is absolutely exquisite.
please keep it up, and, thank youf
or deciding to play with clay.